Here's Everything Israel's Super Long-Range Torpedo Can Do

Robert Beckhusen

Key point: Israel's five submarines just got a lot more deadly. Israel is known for building excellent weapons to defend itself with.

Submarines and torpedoes are among the most closely-guarded and sensitive topics among navies. True to type, a recent announcement by the Israeli navy about the adoption of a new torpedo came with few details.

But it appears to be an interesting torpedo — more advanced, with state-of-the-art technology. The Kaved will become the Israeli navy’s primary attack torpedo for years.

“This is an event that happens once in decades,” an Israeli source told Jane’s. The IDF said in a statement: “The torpedo systems possess advanced capabilities and characteristics, including increased precision and range. The operationalisation of these systems signifies a great advance in the Israeli Navy’s operational capabilities and ability to defend the State of Israel.”

The Kaved appears to be a heavy, fast and long-range torpedo. One feature is what the IDF calls a digital guidance system that will also be easier to upgrade “without changing hardware,” Jane’s source said. While not mentioned explicitly, this is likely a reference to field-programmable gate arrays, probably coupled with the sonar.

These high-performance and tamper-proof FPGAs are integrated circuits that can be reconfigured after manufacturing — i.e. digital circuits. This opens up possibilities to reprogram the torpedo on the fly, and Jane’ssource added that a targeted submarine will have more difficulty escaping.

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