Here's what your favorite 'Too Hot To Handle' contestants are up to, one year later

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Too Hot To Handle
"Too Hot To Handle" season 1 aired in 2020. Netflix
  • Last year's popular Netflix reality dating show "Too Hot To Handle" returns June 23 for season 2.

  • It follows contestants who are banned from having sexual contact in exchange for a $100,000 prize.

  • From Harry and Francesca to Chloe and Bryce, here's what all your season one favorites are up to now.

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On April 17, 2020, Netflix released "Too Hot To Handle."

Too Hot to Handle
The cast of "Too Hot To Handle" season 1. Netflix

A reality television dating show likened to "Love Island" or "Temptation Island," the series quickly picked up viewer interest, becoming a top TV show on Netflix the week after its debut.

But unlike other reality dating shows, there's a twist. Although the premise is to get the participants together, they are banned from participating in any sexual contact, and if they succeed they win $100,000.

For many, this show was a classic quarantine binge — in similar standing to "Tiger King" — and it's quite hard to believe it premiered over a year ago.

That being said, a lot has happened in the past year, both globally and to the participants.

Here's a look at what some of our favorite contestants have been up to since the season aired last year.

Harry Jowsey became infamous for his kiss and tell.

Harry Jowsey Too Hot to Handle
Harry Jowsey. Netflix

Jowsey was one of the first to break the rules after sharing a kiss with fellow contestant Francesca Farago (and claiming she initiated it).

Since the show's premiere, Jowsey has become a social media sensation.

Last year, the now 24-year-old launched a clothing brand inspired by one of his endearing catch phrases — Naughty Possum.

At the beginning of March, he also launched his own relationship advice podcast. He also appeared in MTV's "Match Me If You Can," which premiered in April, alongside stars from other reality dating shows.

As for his relationship with Farago, while he proposed to her at the "Too Hot To Handle" reunion in May 2020, the two broke up a month later. Since then, Jowsey has been dating around, and was most notably linked with Jake Paul's ex-girlfriend Julia Rose.

And while Jowsey and Farago recently caused a stir by hanging out together in Cancun, sparking reconciliation rumors after their dramatic break-up, Jowsey says that the exes are just friends — for now, at least.

Francesca Farago also stirred up a lot of trouble.

Francesca Farago Too Hot To Handle
Francesca Farago. Netflix

Between her kiss with Haley Cureton and her relationship with Jowsey, Farago cost the group a lot of money.

She's now living her best life as an influencer.

She has over 5 million followers on Instagram, a YouTube channel with 300,000 subscribers, and her own sustainable swimwear line.

As for her love life post-show after her breakup with Jowsey, she had a few flings and just got out of a four-month relationship with British reality TV star Demi Sims.

Additionally, while she and fellow contestant Cureton initially stayed close after the show, the two seem to have had a friend break-up after a disagreement over COVID-19 protocol.

Chloe Veitch was a fan favorite.

Chloe Veitch Too Hot To Handle
Chloe Veitch. Aline Arruda/Netflix

The youngest of the bunch, Veitch was beloved for her self-deprecating jokes and bubbly personality.

She's still in the spotlight.

Although she left the show single, Veitch felt empowered by the experience. In the past year, she's tried her hand at a YouTube channel, modeled, and spent some quality time with fellow contestant Nicole O'Brien.

More recently, she continued her reality TV show run, appearing in the new season of "The Circle" and eventually placing second. She even made a romantic connection with another contestant, Mitchell Eason, though they're not officially in a relationship because of long distance.

Like Chloe, Nicole O'Brien made it to the end without finding a love interest.

Nicole O'Brien Too Hot To Handle
Nicole O'Brien. Netflix

Despite this, she got some of the prize money and a lifelong best friend.

She started dating another contestant after the show ended.

After the show, O'Brien started dating fellow contestant Bryce Hirschberg, but the two called it quits in May 2020.

Since then, she's quit her job and started a career in music, releasing her first single on March 14.

Bryce Hirschberg was a surprise addition to the show.

Bryce Hirschberg Too Hot to Handle
Bryce Hirschberg. Netflix

In episode three, Hirschberg surprises the contestants with his presence. Despite the late arrival, he attempts to woo Veitch, and later goes on to win some of the prize money.

He's been kicking it back in California.

Like his ex-beau O'Brien, Hirschberg has gotten into the music industry. He has been recording music independently under the name "Bryc," releasing various singles over the past few months.

And yes, he's still living on his boat.

David Birtwistle was one of the most down-to-earth characters.

David Birtwistle and Sharron Townsend Too Hot To Handle
David Birtwistle. Ana Cristina Blumenkron/Netflix

Although he didn't find much success with Rhonda Paul and Veitch, Birtwistle went on to date one of the later arrivals, Lydia Clyma.

While he and Clyma didn't last, he has come out of the show with a new perspective on relationships.

In various interviews, Birtwistle has stated how his experience on "Too Hot To Handle" has made him rethink his beliefs about sex and emotional connection.

The former professional rugby star is also continuing his career as a strength and conditioning coach.

Rhonda Paul was one of the first to pair off with another contestant.

Rhonda Paul Too Hot to Handle
Sharron Townsend and Rhonda Paul. Netflix

After her quick flirtationship with Birtwistle, she and Sharron Townsend quickly fell for each other. At the end of the show, Paul took a big step by introducing Townsend to her son.

After the show, distance got in the way.

Paul moved back to Atlanta and Townsend headed home to New Jersey. Despite their attempts to keep the romance afloat, the two decided it was best to break up.

Based on her Instagram presence, she seems to be splitting her time between modeling and hanging out with her son (who also has his own Instagram).

Sharron Townsend really opened up on the show.

David Birtwistle and Sharron Townsend Too Hot To Handle
Sharron Townsend. Ana Cristina Blumenkron/Netflix

Through his relationship with Paul, he learned to trust again.

Like many other contestants, he's trying to stay in the entertainment industry.

Townsend continued modeling and acting. He also created the "Today I Smiled Project," an initiative that promotes random acts of kindness.

Kelechi "Kelz" Dyke was the accountant of the group.

Kelz Too Hot To Handle
Kelz. Aline Arruda/Netflix

Throughout the show, Dyke became notorious for keeping track of where the prize money stood.

Since the show, he's been staying fit.

Dyke plays American Football for the London Warriors and models for @fashionnovamen. He's also rumored to be joining another reality show.

Matthew Smith broke viewers' hearts when he chose to leave the show.

Matthew Smith Too Hot to Handle
Matthew Smith. Netflix

Nicknamed "Jesus" by his fellow contestants due to his luscious locks, Smith left the show after realizing he wouldn't find the connection he was looking for.

He's also trying to make his way back onto the big screen.

Prior to "Too Hot To Handle," Smith was featured in a number of films and TV shows (including "New Girl") and is currently trying to score more gigs.

He's also cut off his iconic hair — with the help of Hirschberg.

Lana was the all-seeing rule enforcer.

Lana Too Hot to Handle
Lana kept the contestants in check. Netflix

Throughout the show, Lana called all the shots.

It's hard to tell what the Alexa-like appliance is up to.

But if we were to guess, she's likely gearing up for season 2, which premieres June 23.

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