Here's how you can help Texans in need

Everywhere you turn, it seems like there's someone who is without the help they need to get through this recovery. Here's how you can give a hand.

Video Transcript

- There is help for people who need it. Our focus here-- those who need immediate help. A great resource across greater Houston, the United Way. They are available, they tell me today, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can call their help line from your phone at 211. Again, the number you'll see there-- 211.

The United Way staffers have help on the line. They speak 150 languages. They are ready to help people in need, get everything from food and water to utility assistance, warming centers, medical care, and more.

You can also use the United Way website to connect and get help. Greater Houston president and CEO Amanda McMillan telling us today her staff is always ready to get you the assistance that you need.

AMANDA MCMILLIAN: This is why we're here. We're your friends. We're your neighbors. We all know someone who's in need right now. And so if you need help, please call 211. If you can help, please reach out. You can donate through United Way.

- For so many here in Houston, the immediate need is fresh water. The Astros star Alex Bregman and his wife Reagan have now set up two water distributions for the weekend. The first Saturday, tomorrow 9 o'clock in the morning, the Astros Youth Academy on S Victory.

Bregman posting on social media they'll have 18,000 cases of water, thanks to a lot of help from the Astros Foundation, along with Brothers Produce. The Bregman set up that second distribution Sunday 2 o'clock on the afternoon at Butler stadium. Teammates from the Stros like Michael Brantley, Joe Smith, Ryan Presley pitching in to make this happen. 2:00 in the afternoon, Sunday at Butler Stadium.

Now, for all the people with damage to your homes, a spokesperson for the Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner telling me today the city is working with corporate partners in a relief fund dedicated to home repairs. We expect those details are released early next week, and it can't come soon enough.