Here's how to keep indoor pests out of your home this summer

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Summer is in full swing and so are the pests that we'd rather keep outside. As any homeowner who has encountered pests like cockroaches or ants can tell you, there's nothing that dampens the sunshine of a summer day like the invasion of unwanted bugs.

Cockroaches and ants are always looking for food, and unless you protect against them, your home can become their home.

So, what can you do to avoid taking on these uninvited guests this season? Follow these tips to help keep ants and cockroaches out of your home.

That tiny puddle of juice is nothing more than a sticky frustration, right? Wrong. While the crumbs from snacktime or the drops of soda might just seem like minor problems for your home aesthetics, they're fine dining for unwanted insects.

Be sure to clean up crumbs and wipe up spills as quickly as possible to avoid providing a feast for bugs.

A bowl of popcorn on the couch may seem like a must-have for family movie night, but you might not be the only one looking for a snack. As food particles and crumbs spread throughout your house, the opportunity for cockroaches and ants to find their next meal spreads as well.

Avoid this by limiting where you eat. A mess made on a kitchen table can be easier to clean than a spill down a couch cushion. If the insects do make an unwelcomed appearance, then having fewer meal locations can also help you more easily pinpoint where they may be hiding.

The door may be closed and the lock may be turned, but your home protection against human intruders doesn't apply to ants and cockroaches. A. sealing agent such as caulk can be used to close gaps around doors and windows where bugs may try to enter.

Using a high-quality caulking gun, the sealant can be finely applied to the outer edges of entrances, closing up tiny holes and cracks you may not have previously noticed.

As you prepare the woodpile for your summer bonfires, make sure it is located far away from the house. Many ant colonies exist outside, but the worker ants will forage for food in the surrounding areas like your home. According to experts, insects like termites and carpenter ants also love feasting on and living within firewood. Relocating the wood away from your home can help ensure that the pests stick with the firewood pile, rather than the wood inside your home.

Weather can play a large role in ants and cockroaches trying to enter your home looking for food or protection from the elements. You can use the AccuWeather SC Johnson Pest Index to assess risks in your area at any given time and plan your pest protection accordingly. Should they make their way inside, ant and cockroach sprays and baits are crucial for destroying the insects in the most active areas. Raid® Ant & Roach Killer aerosol kills the insect and keeps on killing carpenter ants and roaches with residual action indoors for up to 4 weeks when used as directed.

Additionally, Raid® Ant Baits can last for up to three months, and works to treat ants at the source, including the ones that you don't see. After foraging ants feed on the bait, they return to the colony and transfer the bait to the queen and the others, thereby killing the colony. Since you don't want to discourage ants from visiting an insect bait, it is best to avoid using an aerosol insecticide in the same area as a bait.

It's always important to read the labels thoroughly before using any pest control product.

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