If you need a job ASAP, these employers in The Woodlands area are hiring

Several businesses say they now have a need for workers as production ramps back up amid the pandemic.

Video Transcript

- Days ago, we told you about a truck training school where if you took the four-week course, you could get a job quickly. Well, this is one of those employers looking to hire even if you're not a truck driver. Here in the Woodlands area, this company recently moved from North Houston into this brand new building. And because of it, they're looking for a lot of brand new employees, too.

Right now, Alvin Community College students are weeks away from completing a truck driving course. After four weeks, they'll get their license and can land a job, candidates companies are desperately looking to hire.

- The opportunity is out there. It's just right now, there's a shortage, a shortage of drivers.

- Premier worldwide is looking for drivers. An idle truck costs the company a lot of money a week.

- For the bigger trucks, that's, it's five digits.

- That's why it's looking for drivers. If you have experience and a clean driving record, you could hit the road quickly.

- I can put you in that truck for $1,500 a week. That'd be your salary.

- Another place looking for workers is a facility making products that saw huge demand during the pandemic.

- Hey, we're here to provide as much toilet paper as you need. So definitely come work for us. Come apply online.

- Texas Tissue Converting recently opened this facility in Conroe. It needs more than 50 employees. There are entry-level positions to spots that require a bachelor's engineering degree.

- If you're a recent graduate looking for hands-on experience, this is it for you. It's directly hands-on with our highly automated paper converting equipment.

- From trucks to paper products, there are job opportunities in the Woodlands area. We'll feature hundreds of them tomorrow morning at our ABC13 Plus Jobs Fair at 11:30. If you apply tomorrow, you could land a job in days.