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There's nothing like having a city in the rearview mirror and the open road ahead. Burdens lift from the mind, the speedometer needle climbs, and the soul lets out its yawp. Until-in the distance-a tollbooth lurks, a wretched reminder that we are all cogs in a machine that requires constant funding to keep the potholes from swallowing us whole.

Here, from the Federal Highway Administration's most recent accounting of our nation's toll roads, is a survey of the most expensive ways to ply these United States. (Prices listed are for the road's full length, are from 2018, and are ordered from least to most expensive.) Avoid the tolls or tolerate them; the choice is yours. Just don't let the tax collector stifle your yawp.

Here's How Much the Priciest Toll Roads, Bridges, and Tunnels Cost in the United States

What'll it cost to drive the full length of these toll roads?

From Car and Driver