Here's how to get 'walk-up' vaccine at Oakland Coliseum

There could be a quicker way to get a vaccine at the Oakland Coliseum mass vaccination site. Here's everything you need to know about how to get a "walk-up" vaccine.

Video Transcript

- Though he arrived on an AC transit bus--

- I'm just going to get your temperature real fast.

- --essential worker, Kevin Auer, is technically a walk up at the Oakland Coliseum mass vaccination site.

- Any questions for me?

- And it's a process--

KEVIN AUER: No. No questions.

- --that went very quickly.

- All right. We'll get you over to the tent, through these double doors.

- Then over here on the right, they're waving at you right there.


- Are you feeling sick today?


- Have you ever had a positive COVID-19 test?


- The one and only access point for walk ups is the pedestrian bridge from the Coliseum Bart Station. So far, it's an option that has been under utilized by those currently eligible for a COVID vaccine.

KELLY ROGERS: And we have wanted it to get out that this is a resource. That you don't have to drive your car. You could take public transportation. You could take the Bart-- use the Bart services, or you can drive your car and park at the Bart Coliseum Station, walk over the pedestrian bridge.

- AC transit is also running a special vaccine shuttle with pick ups at Eastmont Transit Center and Coliseum Bart that drops people off--

- How are you doing today?

- --at the vaccine tents.

- All right.

- For Kevin Auer, whole process took less than a half hour, including the 15 minute observation period.

KEVIN AUER: I would do the walk up. Yeah, I'm amazed. I mean it went quick and there really-- there was no wait. I think I waited 60 seconds to get checked in and that was it.

- Thank you for coming and doing this.

KEVIN AUER: Thank you.

- The hope is many others will follow in Kevin Auer's footsteps.