Here's where Maryland and Virginia rank among the best and worst states for pickleball

FOX 5 DC Digital Team - Maryland is one of the worst states to play pickleball, and apparently, Virginia is one of the best.

The team at Pickleball Union put together a top-ten ranking of the best and worst places to play the fast-growing sport and according to their findings, local players should take their paddles to the Commonwealth.

Monthly searches for related pickleball terms, the number of indoor and outdoor courts available, weather, and even air pollution were considered to determine each state's score out of 100.

Maryland received a final score of 37 and ranked as the eighth-worst state to play in across the country. Louisiana was the worst state due to limited facilities and rainy weather, while Mississippi, Kentucky, and New York followed close behind in the standings.

Meanwhile, Virginia just made the top 10 list with a score of 55, which was enough to be crowned the 10th-best state to play in.

Arizona, which has hosted several tournaments and events this year, took the crown, beating out Utah, Hawaii, Colorado, and Wyoming as the top state for pickleball enthusiasts in the U.S.A.

"Pickleball is becoming more popular by the day, so it’s important that states ensure they have solid provisions for players to capitalize on this interest. Plus, not only is the sport great for your physical health, but it also has mental health benefits due to its highly social nature," said Paul Lemley, CEO of Pickleball Union.

Check out the rankings for the top 10 best/worst states to play pickleball below: