Food giveaway provides for thousands in winter storm recovery

With many places under a boil water advisory until further notice, families are scrambling to find water and food. Let us help with this list.

Video Transcript

- Well, the Red Cross is continuing to serve people in our area in need, and they're now shifting their focus to water. They received 66 pallets from Anheuser-Busch this morning and distributed them to their community partners, who will get it in the hands of those who need it most. The Red Cross started preparing for the storm last week, opening shelters and warming centers.

- Our call volume for 1-800-REDCROSS over the last week has been almost 1,000 calls a day asking for some help. That's up well over what the norm is, so we know the community need is great.

The next step for us right now is to try to fill the need in the best way we can. So we know we're not going to be help-- be able to help every single person. That's why we're working with the whole support system, with community partners and faith-based institutions, with government.

- The Gulf Coast region CEO says they've used all of their meals, cots, and water that they had stashed away for hurricanes. The Red Cross has seen more than 1,000 people go through their shelters this week. Their cot room and shelves that hold blankets are empty.

For people who need immediate help, a great resource across greater Houston is the United Way. They're available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you can call the help line from your phone at 211.

The United Way is ready to help people in need and get everything from food and water to utility assistance, warming centers, medical care, and more. You can also use the United Way website to connect and get help there too. Greater Houston President and CEO Amanda McMillan tells us her staff is always ready to get you the assistance you need.

AMANDA MCMILLAN: We all know someone who is in need right now. And so if you need help, please call 211. If you can help, please reach out. You can donate through United Way.

- The United Way has staffers on the helpline who speak 150 languages.

Now if you want to help people impacted by the winter storm, Houston Children's Charity is asking for donations to help families in need. The charity is asking people to go through their closets and gather items to donate. The charity is in need of clothing, shoes, bedding, and other household items. You can drop off donations this Monday or Tuesday between 9:00 in the morning and 4:00 in the afternoon. The address is 5151 Mitchelldale Suite A-4.

TRAE THA TRUTH: That's one thing they know about me. That's what I do have, is a heart for my people. So every situation, every disaster, any challenge we go through, if I'm able I'm always going to be on the front line. And that's what we're doing right now.

- Trae Tha Truth and the Relief Gang often help out Houstonians in need. Hot meals and water given out today at the Fountain of Life Church. Beyonce's charitable organization BeyGOOD also took part in the giveaway. Not only was food given out, but teams were also assembled to go out and help people with broken pipes, another big issue that hit Houston hard this week.

If you missed distributions today, we have a full list of future events on our website at

Will you help us and the Houston Food Bank feed people in need with a text message? That's all it takes. You can text ABC13 to 41444 to make a donation. Each dollar you give will help the food bank provide three meals.

Now since Jimmy Kimmel mentioned the campaign on his show Thursday, viewers have donated more than $235,000. That will buy more than 706,000 meals for people right here in our area.