Here's why you shouldn't sleep on Andrew Vaughn

Connor Rogers explains the high potential of White Sox 1B Andrew Vaughn, as the young first baseman is set to receive more opportunities at the plate this season

Video Transcript

CONNOR ROGERS: 94 major leaguers had more plate appearances than Andrew Vaughn's 555 last year. Yet, only 20 had more hard hit balls than his 203. The 24-year-old Vaughn finished with the exact same number of hard hit balls as Juan Soto and three more than NL MVP Paul Goldschmidt even though he went to the plate about 100 times fewer than either.

At-bats won't be an issue for Vaughn this year. He'll also have to no longer worry about playing out of position in the outfield after the White Sox declined to sign Jose Abreu as a free agent. Vaughn will have first base all to himself. And while he might not be in a great lineup spot initially, he'll probably hit sixth early on.

There should be ample opportunity to move up as he continues to spray liners all over the park. Vaughn isn't likely to bust out as a 30 homer guy, but he should be good for 20 while also matching or improving on last year's 2.71 average. Don't be surprised if he takes over as the White Sox number three hitter at some point.