Here's Why You Should Start Dressing Like a Cow

Tara Gonzalez

In 2019 cows don't graze, they vogue. Sure, they're cute (and the reason we have ice cream), but then something comes along like the viral song "Mooo!" by Dooja Cat—followed by a sighting of Meghan Markle wearing cow-print heels and, over at Burberry, some strong cow-print pieces. It's official: Cow print is a thing this year.

At New York Fashion Week, everyone was dressing like a cow—and looking amazing doing it. There were Miaou cow print skirts and cow print cowboy boots that take "yee-haw" to the next level.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - September 04, 2019


Street Style - New York Fashion Week September 2019 - Day 6

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Besides Burberry, Eckhaus Latta, Burberry and Maryam Nassir Zadeh have all also recently used cow print in their collections—and an overarching trend from New York Fashion Week this year was bold white-and-black prints in general, meaning cow prints firmly have a place among this season's biggest trends.

Celebrities have also started incorporating some bovine inspiration into their looks. Whereas Markle opted for a more subtle pop of print with her heels, Kylie Jenner wore a full-on cow-print bathing suit on vacation...

...and Dua Lipa fully redefined the word "*moooood."

After being overshadowed by snakes, zebras, and leopards for years, it seems cows and their chic prints are finally getting their due. But the difference between cow-print anything and other, more classic animal-print favorites—like leopard-print coats and snakeskin boots—is that it's a little easier to wear. Everything goes with cow print, but it's still more exciting than your standard black-and-white pattern.

When you're ready to embrace that and mooove on from your standard animal print, do yourself a favor and shop some of the best cow print pieces below.

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