Herman Miller positions itself for gaming with $1.5k Embody chair

The Herman Miller x Logitech G collection comprises a supportive chair, and an adjustable desk and monitor arm.
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A bargain compared to the $5,498 USD Eames Lounge Chair set.

Luxury furnishings marque Herman Miller of Eames fame has collaborated with computer peripherals manufacturer Logitech for an update of the $1,495 USD Embody high-backed chair, debuting July 22 via the company's online store.

This enhancement of an existing Logitech design results in an additional layer of foam for the chair's seat and back, as well as a copper-infused seat intended to prevent heat buildup.

Those details add to the design's existing spinal support and pressure distribution features, deemed necessary due to human physiology's natural preference for standing rather than seated positions. The Logitech Embody retains its pre-Herman Miller price.

Although the manufacturing company is better known for its home and office furniture, two of its most famous products being the Eames Lounge Chair and the Aeron office chair, the Embody is oriented towards video game players through Logitech's Logitech G division.

Just as the Eames is twinned with a matching ottoman, the Embody is likewise accompanied by a smudge-proof, anti-glare $1,295 Motia Gaming Desk and a $295 adjustable Ollin Monitor Arm with desk clamp.

The corporate Motia Sit-to-Stand table begins at $2,001, available in a variety of finishes.

For Herman Miller, the Embody represents access to a new audience thanks to the widespread use of similar seating arrangement by highly visible portions of the content creation and livestreaming community. Logitech further boosts the profile and appeal of more affordable sections of its catalog.

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