'Hero' Farm Dog Sounded Alarm On Fire At Historic Natick Barn

A farm dog is being called a hero for alerting humans to a fire at a historic barn in Natick. WBZ-TV's Bill Shields reports.

Video Transcript

- All new at 6:00, now.

- Now she's not only my love, but my hero.

- A family in Natick says their newly-adopted dog helped alert them that their barn was on fire. They tell WBZ's Bill Shields how she helped to save the farm.

BILL SHIELDS: Eddie was jumping around today, playing with their new owner, Abby, and enjoying her new forever home at the Natick Community Organic Farm.

ABBY BISER: She was so scared when she got here. But she loves the farm and, clearly, wants to take care of it.

BILL SHIELDS: But just steps away from Eddie's field of joy, the ashes of the Farm's barn lay smoldering, a barn built in 1815.

- Barn's a special place. It's the heart of a farm. It's where you bring your animals into birth. That's where you keep your tools. It's where you keep your grain. And that's often where a lot of the high jinks happen at a farm.

BILL SHIELDS: About 4:30 in the morning, the barn caught fire. Nearby, inside the main house, Eddie started barking.

ZOE CHAMBLISS: I woke up. I looked at my phone. It was 4:26. And I just heard Abby, who's our caretaker, basically, telling us there's a fire.

BILL SHIELDS: Zoe and Abby live on the farm. They raced out and started putting farm animals in their cars. The Natick Fire Department arrived and kept the fire from spreading. And it was Eddie's barking that kept it from getting worse.

ABBY BISER: Now she's not only my love, but my hero.

BILL SHIELDS: This community farm has been here since 1975, 20,000 visitors a year. Now they have a new farmhand.

- Eddie has more than earned her stripes as a farm dog. So thank you, Eddie.

BILL SHIELDS: Sadly, they lost about 15 pigs in the fire. But on the bright side, there's already a GoFundMe page. And if everything goes right, this summer maybe, they'll have an old fashioned barn raising. I'm Bill Shields, "WBZ News."