Hero's fundraiser underway for Fort Smith women's center

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Jackie Darlene was one of the women who sang Wednesday night at Hero's in Fort Smith to help other women who may have suffered abuse, she said.

A fundraiser was for the Crisis Intervention Center for women.

Darlene sang several songs with her acoustic guitar.

"Thanks for your support tonight for the Women's Crisis Intervention Center. I think it is important. Women carry a lot more weight than people realize, and they need more help than people realize, especially right now during our recession and the times that we live in," Darlene said after her set ended. "If there is anything you can do or anything you can donate it could change someone's life."

Organizer Sammy Hill said the turnout was good. Tables filled up early for the performances from Darlene, Patty Hill and Cartoon Sheriff.

"It's going great. It's been a great night," Hill said.

Money was raised to be donated along with supplies, Hill said. "We want to make sure to help and to get them some money," Hill said. Raffle tickets were sold and prizes given away.

The Crisis Intervention Center cares for survivors of sexual assault and domestic abuse. The fundraiser at Hero's, 1002 Garrison Ave. continued late Wednesday night.

This article originally appeared on Fort Smith Times Record: Hero's singers help raise money for abuse survivors in Fort Smith