Herschel Walker’s son called out after blaming Biden for gas prices while wearing $1,300 Givenchy hoodie

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The former NFL star’s son is a social media personality with a big following,

Christian Walker, a popular social media star whose father is former NFL player Herschel Walker, posted a video this weekend blaming President Joe Biden for high gas prices. But Christian’s receiving flak for doing so while wearing a pricey designer hoodie.

Walker, a self-described conservative Republican, said that gas prices were lower under “my guy.”

Hershel Walker’s son, Christian Walker, pumps gas in a Givenchy hoodie that costs as much as Lauren Boebert’s GED she overpaid someone to take for her,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another was incensed that Walker was complaining about high gas prices — while driving a notoriously gas-guzzling Range Rover.

“Does Herschel Walker’s son Christian Walker, realize that everyone is laughing at him, not with him ? The spoiled child of a multi-millionaire, wearing a $1,300 hoodie, filling up his Range Rover, bitches abt the price of gas ? He makes a complete fool of himself here. LMAO !!!,” the post said.

Never one to shy away from criticism, Christian, 21, responded, “Yes because me wearing a givenchy hoodie is totally connected to the fact that working class Americans are struggling with gas prices right now.”

He added, “Thanks for voting for the President who slaughtered our energy independence.”

In fact, it is Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) that sets the global price of petroleum, therefore impacting gas prices.

Walker’s father, Herschel, recently entered the U.S. Senate race in Georgia. Herschel was a running back at the University of Georgia and a Heisman Trophy winner before his lengthy and decorated NFL career.

Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker speaks at a September rally featuring former <span class="caas-xray-inline caas-xray-entity caas-xray-pill rapid-nonanchor-lt" data-entity-id="Donald_Trump" data-ylk="cid:Donald_Trump;pos:3;elmt:wiki;sec:pill-inline-entity;elm:pill-inline-text;itc:1;cat:Politician;" tabindex="0" aria-haspopup="dialog"><a href="https://search.yahoo.com/search?p=Donald%20Trump" data-i13n="cid:Donald_Trump;pos:3;elmt:wiki;sec:pill-inline-entity;elm:pill-inline-text;itc:1;cat:Politician;" tabindex="-1" data-ylk="slk:President Donald Trump;cid:Donald_Trump;pos:3;elmt:wiki;sec:pill-inline-entity;elm:pill-inline-text;itc:1;cat:Politician;" class="link ">President Donald Trump</a></span> in Perry, Georgia. (Photo: Sean Rayford/Getty Images)

After he announced his bid for the Senate, The Associated Press shared hundreds of pages of public records tied to Walker’s business ventures and his divorce, including many not previously released, shedding new light on a turbulent personal history that could dog his Senate bid.

The documents detail accusations that Walker repeatedly threatened his ex-wife’s life, exaggerated claims of financial success, and alarmed business associates with unpredictable behavior.

Walker, 59, has been open about his long struggle with mental illness, writing a 2008 memoir “Breaking Free: My LIfe with Dissociative Identity Disorder” about being diagnosed with what was once known as multiple personality disorder.

Christian has been openly supportive of President Donald Trump, who endorsed his father’s Senate run. Trump said in an email, “Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the legendary Herschel Walker ran for the United States Senate in Georgia?”

Walker filed the paperwork to run for the Senate as a Republican in the state of Georgia in August. A longtime Texas resident, Walker registered to vote in the state of Georgia on Aug. 17, a little over one week before the filing.

Christian, Walker’s only child, is from his marriage to ex-wife Cindy DeAngelis Grossman.

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