'He's Bigger Than the Boat!' Fishermen Spot Whale Shark Feeding on Plankton in Gulf of Mexico

A whale shark was spotted feeding on plankton by two fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday, May 29.

Brad Ward started recording the video after noticing “a giant fin” breaching the surface of the water.

Ward and his friend Michael de Michieli then slowly began drifting their boat towards the animal where they found it “soaking in” a line of plankton.

Ward told Storyful the giant shark was roughly 30 feet in length and states in the video that it was “bigger than the boat” he was fishing on. Credit: @b_ward941 via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Oh, my--

- Dude, this is sick.


- He's huge.

- Oh--

- Dude, he's bigger than your--

- He's bigger than the boat. Oh, my God!

- Dude, he's at least 28, 30 foot.

- The current's is current right at us.

- Yeah, back up.

- He can't fit in my lens, he's so big. Dude, this is un--

- What was that? What is that over there? That's wild.

- He soak in this line of plankton here. You see that?

- Yeah.

- Didn't even see that. He's soaking it up.