Missing dog who escaped Chicago vet found safe by CPD officer

Toby is back home! The 2-year-old German Shepherd, who has been missing since the weekend, was found by a CPD officer and reunited with his owner.

Video Transcript

LEAH HOPE: The search becomes more difficult in blizzard-like conditions. Nonetheless, the search continues for a two-year-old shepherd named Toby around the Logan Square area.

NELLY ROA: He means everything to me. He's my baby. I had him since he was three months.

LEAH HOPE: On Saturday, Nelly Roa says she dropped the dog at MedVet for stitches. Due to COVID protocols, she left him there. An hour later, she says someone called her from the veterinary hospital to say Toby was missing.

NELLY ROA: I'm just frustrated. I just want my Toby back because it's so cold. He's been-- literally he didn't even eat before we took him to the vet.

LEAH HOPE: A spokeswoman for MedVet says the staff is focused on helping find Toby, making flyers, and actually searching when they get tips. Roa has been doing the same. Whatever led to Toby being able to leave the veterinary hospital is taking a backseat to simply getting the dog out of the cold.

NELLY ROA: It's a-- negative degrees windchill. Like, I'm not even sure if my puppy's going to make it.

LEAH HOPE: Roa asks, if anyone sees the dog, not to approach, not to whistle, not to call him by name, and definitely not to chase, only to notify them by social media, notify the police or MedVet, as Toby is scared and has now been in the extreme cold for two days and nights. In the Logan Square neighborhood, Leah Hope, ABC 7 Eyewitness News.