Hezbollah commander trains Russian drone operators in Syria for deployment against Ukraine

Drone training at an unknown location in Iran
Drone training at an unknown location in Iran

Russian drone operators are being trained by Hezbollah in Syria to participate in a full-scale war against Ukraine, Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR) reported on Feb. 12.

The training sessions are held at the Shayrat Airbase and are conducted by the Lebanese Hezbollah Police along with Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

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Kamal Abu Sadiq, a Hezbollah commander known for his drone expertise, is leading the program. The trainees, including Syrian mercenaries alongside Russian participants, are learning to operate Iranian-made drones such as the Shahed-136 and Ababil-3, as well as the Raad remote-controlled aircraft.

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This initiative comes as Russia seeks additional manpower for its war in Ukraine, with efforts to recruit mercenaries in Syria, including promises of expedited Russian citizenship for future combatants, according to Ukrainian intelligence.

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