Hizbollah leader warns of civil war after days of Lebanon protests

Abbie Cheeseman
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    Anatoly M
    So who is the REAL enemy of Lebanon? Because of whom Lebanon cannot live in peace and develop its oi wealth?
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    The Real American Patriot
    But he is correct! When it descends to civil war, they will be looking to the US to come and save them! They better look hard at Iraq, Libya and Syria before they destroy their country again!
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    Aww, just look at that photo of Hezbollah’s Supreme leader, Hassan Nasrallah, head tilted, hand cupping cheek, and a Grandfatherly smile....what’s not to love?
    Right, RC?....Shekel_Traitor?....
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    Jack Tawney
    Hezbollah isn't in a position to threaten anyone. They're all dressed up with no place to go!
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    Super Nintendo Chalmers
    The leader of Hizbollah on Friday warned Lebanon that nationwide protests calling for the overthrow of the government could lead to chaos and civil war.
    Thank you Captain Obvious.
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    Is Hizbolla and Hezbolla the same? Or just spelled differently but the same?
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    "suggested foreign intervention had a role in the demonstrations" ...Kinda like that Iranian foreign influence called Hezbollah.... Aint it ?
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    why is it good for democracy in Lebanon for a political party to have a private army, funded by another nation??
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    MAGA ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ
    I guess they have their problems that they need to sort out themselves.
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    Well I guess Hizbollah will get a chance to use all those weapons they've been collecting on Lebanese.