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‘HGTV’s Jonathan Knight on If His ‘NKOTB’ Bandmates Ask for Home Renovation Advice (Exclusive)

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ET's Nischelle Turner spoke with Jonathan Knight about his latest gig, 'Farmhouse Fixer,' premiering tomorrow on HGTV.

Video Transcript

KEVIN FRAZIER: These are three of Nischelle Turner passions-- that boy band right there, farming, and renovation.

NISCHELLE TURNER: You're speaking my love language now, Kevin Frazier. We are talking about New Kids on the Block's Jonathan Knight. He is well on his way to being HGTV's newest star. And in this "ET" exclusive, Jon's telling me how it all began.

JONATHAN KNIGHT: I love a good old farmhouse.

There's a lot of celebrity fix up shows. When New Kids first disbanded, I jumped into this and then, you know, got a little sidetracked in 2008 when we got back together.


JORDAN KNIGHT: (SINGING) Step by step, ooh baby.

NISCHELLE TURNER: Who knew this city boy from Boston is actually a good old country kid who's had a more than 25 year side hustle rebuilding farmhouses? In fact, Jonathan lives on a farm and has renovated over 200 properties.

JONATHAN KNIGHT: I'd rather be, like, dirty and in horse manure and chicken poop, and all that fun stuff.

NISCHELLE TURNER: What do you love about just living, you know, on a farm and living very simply?

JONATHAN KNIGHT: This romantic notion of living in the country and getting fresh eggs, growing stuff in your garden. So I know, like, when I was 20, I grew up in the city, and as soon as I had money, I was out.


- (SINGING) The boys in the band.

NISCHELLE TURNER: Any of the fellas ever, like, asked for advice or maybe even thought, could you renovate something of mine?



JONATHAN KNIGHT: Joe just renovated a place. He actually called me, like, an hour ago. He was telling me all about his renovations and stuff. And Danny, his daughters, they've been begging me to come down and build them, like, these big walk in closets.


JONATHAN KNIGHT: You know? And I've done work on my brother's house, put a deck on.

NISCHELLE TURNER: Now 52 years old, Jon is tearing them down and building them back up in his new show "Farmhouse Fixer," which debuts on HGTV tomorrow.

I was surprised, too, to see you so hands on.

JONATHAN KNIGHT: I love getting in there, getting dirty, and just get the dust flying everywhere.


- (SINGING) Oh, oh, oh oh oh. Oh, oh, oh oh.

NISCHELLE TURNER: I want to take you back a little bit, and show you this find that we got from our "ET" vault.

JONATHAN KNIGHT: I'm sure we are still the same regular five guys we were when we were six and seven years old running around in kindergarten. But you know, it's-- it's different. It's a lot hecticer schedule.

Oh my goodness.

NISCHELLE TURNER: How cute are you?

JONATHAN KNIGHT: Look at that baby face.

NISCHELLE TURNER: Now, don't fret, Blockheads. The band will hit the road again when the pandemic is over. But in the meantime--

Any of the other fellas pop up on the show?

JONATHAN KNIGHT: My brother does.

NISCHELLE TURNER: Oh, good, good, good. What-- is Jordan-- is he handy with a hammer?

JONATHAN KNIGHT: No, not at all, not at all.


- (SINGING) It's a block party, block party.