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Hi, It’s Time for You to Switch to a Cleansing Conditioner

I’ve been using cleansing conditioners (aka co-washing) forever, so I don't even think twice about using one, but I can see why people are still skeptical. Skipping out on your shampoo and just using a conditioner? Sounds like a recipe for greasy-ass hair, right? Wrong.

Regular shampoos contain harsh detergents, like sodium lauryl sulfate, which clean your hair really well but they can also strip its natural oils, leaving it feeling dry. Cleansing conditioners, however, contain mild cleansing agents or natural ingredients that gently cleanse without stripping or damaging strands. Not to mention the dose of moisture they bring to the table shower with argan oil and shea butter, for example, making it the perfect option for anyone with dry or curly, textured hair (hi, me).

Don’t know how TF to find the right cleansing conditioner for you? I’ve done the work/research for you—here are the 13 best cleansing conditioners, no matter your hair type or concern.