Hialeah High School Teacher Jeanette Barbara Valle-Tejeda Facing Sexual Abuse Charges Involving Students

A Hialeah High School teacher is accused of sexual abuse charges involving minors.

Video Transcript

- A developing story, a teacher at Hialeah High School under arrest tonight, accused of sex crimes involving underage girls. Jeanette Valle-Tejada was booked into jail this afternoon. She faces nearly two dozen charges, sexual battery on a minor among them.

An arrest report alleges these incidents date back to 2007 when Valle-Tejada was a reading teacher at Henry H. Filer Middle School in Hialeah. She is being held without bond tonight. Now, a statement from Miami-Dade County Schools says that it is, quote, "deeply disturbed about the allegations" and says that, as soon as the claims surfaced last month, the employee was removed from the school setting. And Miami-Dade Schools police launched an investigation.

The district says it will be terminating her employment. And she will be prevented from seeking future work with the school system.