Hialeah Pop Up Vaccination Site Opened Friday, A Permanent One Opening Monday

The City of Hialeah announced Friday Bucky Dent Park will be the new COVID-19 vaccination center and the pop up site at Milander Park was opened.

Video Transcript

LAUREN PASTRANA: Jessica, thank you. The city of Hialeah just announcing a new COVID-19 vaccination center will open Monday. The facility at Bucky Dent park will vaccinate 200 people a day as long as they meet state requirements. The pop-up site at Milander Center on 4800 Palm Avenue was open today, vaccinating people 65 and older on a first-come, first-serve basis. One Hialeah resident told us after having open heart surgery, this convenient way to get vaccinated is a blessing.

LESTER LASA: I got up and got some coffee, and I saw it on the news. I said, let me go. Gave the cat its treats, came, sat here.

LAUREN PASTRANA: The site at Bucky Dent Park opens Monday, and will vaccinate people for 60 days. Aside from those 60 and older, frontline workers, firefighters, police, and education workers are all welcome with both their Florida ID and workplace credentials.