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The giant pacific octopus spreads its interbrachial membranes wide when pouncing on its prey or landing on the sea floor, Hakodate Usujiri, Hokkaido, Japan, Dec. 1, 2015 . The soft way it lands resembles a parachute coming down. (Photograph by Toru Kasuya)

'Hidden beauty near the shore' — Photography by Toru Kasuya

Toru Kasuya’s exquisite underwater photographs reveal that even near urban areas, there is a thriving and diverse ecosystem in the sea that most humans never witness. One of Japan’s emerging stars in the field of marine life photography, Kasuya was the recent Grand Prize Winner of the 6th annual Nikkei National Geographic Photo Prize, whose mission is to raise the profile of promising Japanese photographers globally.

Kasuya writes, “I take my photos near populous coasts. Not many residents are aware of the bountiful life under their noses. Even fishermen, who make a living from the sea, are surprised when they look at my photos, saying that they had no idea marine creatures were living this way, as they only see them out of the ocean.”

“Hidden Beauty Near the Shore,” Toru Kasuya’s first solo exhibition in the United States, is on view at Foto Care in New York through June 9.

Photography and captions by Toru Kasuya

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