Hidden ‘Easter Eggs’ on the New ‘Sesame Street’ Set

Sesame Street kicks off its 46th season on Saturday — and parents and kids alike will have fun spotting “Easter eggs” hidden around the brand-new set.


Photos: Jennifer Fox for Yahoo Parenting

1. Funny games are featured in the new community center. You’ve heard of UNO, but how about DOS? Sesame Street’s take on Cards Against Humanity? Cards Supporting Humanity.

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2. Big Bird’s new nest is in a tree for the first time — and it features something old and something new. Shopkeeper Mr. Hooper’s picture has been featured somewhere on the set since 1983 (when his last scenes aired; he died of a heart attack in 1982). But can you spot Big Bird’s baby photo?


3. Mr. Hooper’s store received a very retro makeover. Due to copyright issues, the shelves are stocked with funny, made-up items like Dooty Free Diapers, Cushy Tushy Wipes, Neversink water bottles, Cram — instead of Spam — and many more.

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4. The periodicals featured in the newsstand are also tongue-in-cheek, clearly inspired by the New York tabloids the Post and the Daily News. Toddler Tech magazine features the production designer’s young daughter speaking into a shoe on the cover.


5. While it’s always seemed that Sesame Street takes place in New York City, show creators want viewers to feel like it could be any city in America. The bridge featured prominently in the background is a combination of three different bridges, and all the buildings in the background are actually compositions of many buildings painstakingly put together. So the actual street depicted in the background of the set does not actually exist anywhere.

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There are many changes in store for the iconic show, which has been shortened to 30 minutes to better capture young viewers’ shorter attention spans, and moved to HBO, where it will air exclusively for nine months before repeats hit PBS. (PBS will continue to air old episodes.)

The theme song has been freshened up; a new cast member, Nina, has moved onto the block; Elmo has a new bedroom; Abby Cadabby has a new garden; Oscar the Grouch will move between garbage, recycling, and composting bins; and Cookie Monster has a new true crime segment, “Smart Cookie.”

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