New hidden Google Maps feature brings great Google Now functionality to Android

Google last week rolled out a new Google Maps update for Android devices that includes a bunch of useful features related to photo uploads and bookings showing up in locations screens. As Android Police reports, Google Maps 9.8 for Android also includes a secret new feature that brings Google Now functionality right to the Maps application.

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Simply saying or typing my events, my flights, my hotels or my reservations into the search bar will bring up personalized results directly inside Google Maps.

The functionality isn’t new, as it’s already available inside Google Now, but it certainly makes sense seeing it appear in Google Maps since that’s where these queries will be made most of the time.

My events will list details about flights, hotels and any other booking, my reservations offers similar lists but without flight information, while my flights and my hotels limit results to only upcoming plane trips and hotel reservations.

Obviously, you’ll have to let Google access your personal data regarding events, trips and reservations to have that information readily available inside Google Maps if triggered by any of these keywords.

You’ll also need to update Google Maps to version 9.8 on your Android smartphone or tablet to take advantage of this hidden functionality.

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