'Hiding in the Shadows': Snake Catcher Removes Pythons From Queensland Workplaces

A snake catcher came to the rescue to remove two pythons who made themselves at home in workplaces in Buderim, Queensland.

Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 posted footage to Facebook showing him removing and relocating two pythons found by employees at two separate workplaces.

“Gorgeous little carpet python. Not what you need in the staff kitchen,” McKenzie says in the footage while removing a python from under the hot water system in the kitchen of a lawyer’s office.

“When the staff member opened the cupboard she got quite a fright when she was face to face with the snake,” McKenzie told Storyful.

Next, McKenzie moved onto a warehouse in Kunda Park to remove a python that was sleeping in between boxes on a shelf. McKenzie said the snake was discovered when a member of the staff “went to grab the ‘foreign object’ off the shelf” and realized it was a snake.

“Just hiding in the shadows. Come on buddy,” McKenzie says as he removes the snake. “He knows the drill,” he added, laughing after an employee joked about the snake’s calm nature.

McKenzie noted that during recent rain he received a number of calls for pythons that were taking shelter in businesses. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video Transcript

- The sun has poked through the clouds finally-- only briefly. I think there's more rain coming. But we've been called by a business in the center of [INAUDIBLE]. They've actually got a small snake inside. I believe it's in one of their cupboards in the office.

So we're going to head over there. I believe work's at a standstill, which is not very productive for the company. So we're going to get there quickly and relocate it elsewhere.

Oh, wow. It's actually under the hot water system. I'll have to act really quick here. Out you come, bud. No, no, no.

Don't want to pull too hard. There you go. Gorgeous little carpet python. Not what you need in the staff kitchen, that's for sure.

- Where's it's mum?

- No, so there's no sort of parental care once they're born. This one's actually probably a year old, maybe two. So he's not a brand-- not a brand new one. But-- yeah. Don't bite my finger. He's probably just come in out of the weather.


- I'll have a look. I doubt it. Like, I reckon it's probably just coming through the back door. Like, he'd be able to squeeze in under the gaps and stuff. But I'll have a look in here and see if there's any obvious holes.


- I've just arrived at a business here in [INAUDIBLE] Park. Now, they've got a little snake in their warehouse. It looks like there's about a billion boxes in here. But we'll see if he's still there. And hopefully, he hasn't moved and we can find him and relocate him.

- In there.

- Oh yeah.

- Yeah.

- He's kind of in that position, too, where you just wouldn't see him if you just reached in. Just hiding in the shadows. Come on, buddy. You're all right. There he is.

He might have shed his skin recently. But he's still pretty calm. I'm surprised he hasn't made his way outside to try and warm up since the sun's out. But we'll get him--

- He looks like he's done this before.

- Yeah, he's like-- he knows the drill.


- All right, Mr. Python. There he is. Beautiful snake.

Doesn't belong in a warehouse though. Last thing you need is one of the staff members accidentally picking the snake up and getting bitten or hurting it.