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Hield, Fox beat LeBron-less Lakers

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NBA TV's Brendan Haywood and Channing Frye react to the Kings' win over the Lakers and ponder if it's time to panic for Los Angeles.

Video Transcript

MATT WINER: The Sacramento Kings beat the Lakers, 123 to 120. Much needed win for them. Lakers playing without LeBron James if you're just with us, and they've lost five of their last seven. And guys, the Kings got a defensive stop when they needed to late in this game.

CHANNING FRYE: Yeah. Yeah, I think for me, that was just a big-time move by Harrison Barnes. He's been-- in a dark season for the Kings, he's been a bright spot. I think he's really-- really impressed with him this year.

BRENDAN HAYWOOD: Yeah, Harrison made a great move, especially with De'Aaron Fox fouling out. I think it was key that Harrison got the ball, made that big-time play. And then not only did he make the big-time move on Markieff Morris. Then he followed up with two clutch free throws.

And the Kings that we've talked about their defense, but they played decent defense on that last play. They didn't allow Kuzma to get a super clean look.

MATT WINER: Yeah, good contest by Richaun Holmes changed the trajectory of that shot. Then it was just a scramble for a rebound. Montrezl Harrell could have easily put that putback back, and then we've got a different result maybe.

But the Kings come away with the win. And the Lakers will go into the All-Star break on a stretch where they have-- what did I say-- lost five of their last seven games now before the break. Obviously, injuries a huge part.

CHANNING FRYE: Man, they don't care. That team gonna go into the Western Conference Finals. I say, wake me up when there's 20 games left, and the big fella turns it on. All right, we could bet something on it. They ain't gonna miss--

BRENDAN HAYWOOD: Listen, hey--

MATT WINER: I don't think they really care about seeding.

BRENDAN HAYWOOD: The big fella ain't in the East no more. You don't want to mess around and be like the fourth seed in the West. This ain't the same thing y'all was doing out there in Cleveland now. It's a little different out there out West.

CHANNING FRYE: How different is the West? He won last year. It's not different. Listen, he going to the--

BRENDAN HAYWOOD: Hey, no, what I'm saying is you don't want to be like the fourth seed out West.

CHANNING FRYE: No, no, no, no. You don't want to do that. OK, I agree with you. I hate that I agree with you, but I agree with you on that.

MATT WINER: No. But they're not in danger of that yet.

CHANNING FRYE: No, no, no, no. Trust me. They're going to turn it on.

MATT WINER: And Anthony Davis will be back at some point after the All-Star break.

CHANNING FRYE: Yes, they're fine. They're fine. Trust me.