High Noon Talks to End Global Oil-Price War

Anthony Halpin
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    Where is free competition, where is free market? now that oil is down bellow the fracking price our government protecting the oil companies with our money.
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    And we accuse China of capitalism of state. There is a lot of cheap oil, but we subsidized our producers citing security reasons, we believe in fair competition as much as as the communist party of China.
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    Joaquín Gash
    If you think that for one single moment that Putin, Trump or Salman give a single feck about their citizens, then you are pond life.
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    I thought Republicans believed in the free market. Guess not.
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    Gas prices over $1.00 a gallon is nothing more than pure greed.
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    The government has never been able to "prove" the existence of price fixing by oil companies?
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    A disinformation. US are not going to cut oil production , and so Russia. War will continue.
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    petey ondrasek
    High Noon Talks to End Global Oil-Price War
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    Trump — long a vocal critic of the Saudi-led cartel — now wants the OPEC+ coalition to push up prices and save the U.S. shale-oil industry from collapse. And he doesn't want to give anything back. Typical Trump negotiation.
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    geez, isn't this "the market monitoring itself"=gasoline @$1/gallon?