High School Football Teams Begin Shortened Season

The Newton South High School football hit the practice field for the first time in more than a year. WBZ-TVs Steve Burton reports.

Video Transcript

- A city ready for some football? Many high school kids certainly are. And they're about to start their fall season just as winter begins to wrap up. WBZ's Steve Burton is here now with more on that. Steve?

- All right, David, yeah, thank you. It's not going to be the same as we normally see it, but for many high school kids across the state they will make the adjustment. The football season is starting up and, yes, it's February. Hang on because this could get interesting.

- They've been waiting a long time for this.


STEVE BURTON: Thousands of kids across the state began high school football practice today. In Newton South High School, they couldn't wait.

- We're very excited to be here, you know, it's been like 400 days.

- You want your chest--

- Ted Delicandro is the head coach of Newton South. His team hopes to have at least 15 practices before the season starts, weather permitting.

TED DELICANDRO: This group is pretty anxious and ready to roll.

- What's with the football field? The field's not even clean.

- That's all right, this is football in New England. We did this.

STEVE BURTON: Edenholt plays tight end. This is his senior year.

- What's wrong with you? You're in shorts!

- Yeah, I don't know. It's what the choice was today. I don't know. I figured if I was moving the whole time then I'd stay warm, and didn't want to overdo it with sweatpants so, that's what it was.

STEVE BURTON: They're planning for a five or six game season. The MIAA is calling it the Fall 2 season. Newton South plans to open up against Westford Academy on March 12th.

- I heard you talking to your team, you're talking about social distancing.

TED DELICANDRO: Yeah, you gotta to follow the rules. You know? We're at this spot because most people are following the rules and doing the right things. Masking up, social distancing-- if you're five yards away from somebody, stay still.

- How long you've been waiting to do this?

- Oh this whole year, you know. I thought we were going to play in the fall, you know? And then we found out that we were not going to have it. I was pretty mad. But you know, we're back out here and I'm feeling great. So it's good to be out here with my teammates.

- Schools will face major challenges. Thanksgiving rivalries may become Easter rivalries. But these kids are thankful to play.

- I'm just-- I'm blessed to be out here, even if we have to wear masks, hustle in the snow.

- Newton South would like to play on Friday nights but then again the conditions might be a lot better to play on Saturday afternoon, and some schools across the state may have to make that adjustment as well. David Obadi.