High school senior arrested, barred from California high school for dress code violation

When Olivia Millentree refused to change out of a crop top she wore to school, she found herself in handcuffs, accused of trespassing and banned from participating in her own graduation. Dozens of students wore crop tops of their own to protest.

Video Transcript

- What started as a dress code violation landed a teenager in handcuffs.

OLIVIA MILLENTREE: He handcuffed me, and I had my hands behind my back. And then I went into the golf cart and up to the office, and then he filed a police report.

- Pitman High School senior Olivia Millentree wore this crop top and leggings to class last week. She says a faculty member called it distracting and told her to put on a t-shirt.

OLIVIA MILLENTREE: It made me feel targeted for what I was dress coded for, because like it wasn't showing-- I don't think it was a distraction to others.

- When she refused, she was given a suspension and warning to stay off campus.

OLIVIA MILLENTREE: Words were exchanged that should not have been exchanged, and I came back at lunch to apologize for my behavior.

- It was then when she says the school resource officer arrested her for trespassing.

OLIVIA MILLENTREE: I was scared. I was embarrassed. I was just upset at the whole situation, because like a lot of people were looking at me. It was like at lunch.

- The situation sparking outrage from students who protested against the dress code on Monday.

HOLLY BLYTHE: I understand that dress code is there for a reason, but I think that the dress code is very, very strict.

- Holly is one of dozens of students who rallied in support of Olivia by wearing a cropped top like this one, which would normally violate the dress code that she says unfairly punishes female students.

HOLLY BLYTHE: Guys can wear no shirts at practice, and I have to wear a t-shirt. I can't wear a tank top. I can't show any midriff. I can't wear a sports bra. I don't understand why guys can do one thing and girls can't.

- It's prompted the Turlock Unified School District to take a fresh look at its policy, telling Fox 40 they will revise the rules moving forward. But as for Olivia, she won't be able to return to school for the rest of the year, not even for graduation.

OLIVIA MILLENTREE: It's sad. It's because that is a once in a lifetime opportunity and everything, and that makes me very sad that it came to this and that they use that against me.

- A punishment that many students and parents say doesn't match the crime.

IRMA RAMIREZ: For a belly button, she's not going to be able to walk through her ceremony. I think that's absolutely ridiculous.