High School Sports Rally: Cottage Grove Arena's Door Man

There's no hockey lover quite like Gary McConach, Norman Seawright III reports (1:40). High School Sports Rally - April 2, 2021

Video Transcript

- Not even a pandemic can smother the love of hockey.

- Not for players, not for communities, and especially not for the Cottage Grove Ice Arena doorman. Here's Norman Seawright.

GARY MCCONACH: [INAUDIBLE] players. Hi, players. Come on in. Have a good game.

- Thank you.

GARY MCCONACH: Yep. I've been really grateful for having this position with the ice arena. It's a fun, fun job for me. Hello. Thank you.

NORMAN SEAWRIGHT III: There's no hockey lover quite like Gary McConach.

GARY MCCONACH: How are you guys doing tonight, Kevin? I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, OK? And I played hockey at a later age.

NORMAN SEAWRIGHT III: He's manned admissions at Cottage Grove Ice Arena for more than 500 varsity games straight.

GARY MCCONACH: Thank you, guys. Thank you.

NORMAN SEAWRIGHT III: He hasn't missed one.

GARY MCCONACH: Started in 2002 without missing a varsity Park-- Wolfpack Park girls' games and East Ridge games.

NORMAN SEAWRIGHT III: It's a love he shared with his late father, who held the post before him.

GARY MCCONACH: He was a legend and he was well-liked here in Cottage Grove. And-- and yeah, I have a passion for the game. And I like-- I like hockey a lot. You have a ticket?

- Yep.


NORMAN SEAWRIGHT III: Though he took fewer tickets this season.

GARY MCCONACH: I miss the students that come through here. I miss the bands-- thank you-- the big crowds and, you know-- you know, it's a big change this year.




GARY MCCONACH: It's still there.

NORMAN SEAWRIGHT III: He's looking forward to a packed hockey arena once again.

GARY MCCONACH: I just love my job. I love to see the community just, you know, grow each year with more-- with the girls and the boys.

NORMAN SEAWRIGHT III: Norman Seawright, WCCO 4 Sports.

GARY MCCONACH: Yeah, see ya. Have a great year.

- Yep.

- Keep up the good work, Gary.