High School Sports Rally: What Is Gentry Academy?

It's actually been in existence starting as a middle school in 2014. But now both programs are members of the Minnesota State High School League, and that changes the profile, Mike Max reports (2:31). High School Sports Rally - April 2, 2021

Video Transcript

- It's not just the Gentry boys in the championship The girls team is, too. And the attention is raising a common question this week, what is Gentry Academy?

MIKE MAX: Yeah, it's actually been in existence starting as a middle school back in 2014. But now both programs are members of the Minnesota State High School League. And that changes your profile.

It started in 2014 as a Junior high school, Gentry Academy. And it caught on.

JENNIFER KURTH: It's been really fun. It's exciting to see. We started out as a middle school, and then our kids were like, we really like it here. We want to keep going. So we're like, well, let's do a high school then.

MIKE MAX: And in their first year competing as a member of the Minnesota State High School League, both the boys and girls teams made the state tournament.

JOE JENSEN: Well, I think it's been incredible, this year, with both teams having as much success as they've had. It's been very fun for our student athletes and our coaching staff.

MIKE MAX: They are a private school next to a hockey rink, where they train. The roster makeup, mainly from the Minnesota Metro.

PAIGE JAHNKE: Ours is mainly from here in Minnesota. And then we have a couple Wisconsin kids.

MIKE MAX: They were dominant during the regular season, talented and grateful that they have had this opportunity.

JOE CULLEN: It's been really fun. It's been really fun. We've had an extremely hardworking, competitive team. So we've been just riding it out. And they're just thankful for playing, to be honest. And it's just been extremely fun. And the kids are having a great time, too.

MIKE MAX: It was built as a leadership academy, and it was built to help foster athletic dreams. It has grown, and they have a goal.

JENNIFER KURTH: We started with 12 kids our first year, and we're up to 260 kids. So it's pretty cool.

MIKE MAX: And making the state tournament provides a bit of a marketing tool where you can see what the product looks like and you can build name recognition. It's the reward of a rewarding season.

PAIGE JAHNKE: Obviously, as our first year as a high school team, it's a huge accomplishment. And we've battled really hard all year. So I know we've had some ups and downs this season. And for our players, it was very rewarding and well-deserved for them.

MIKE MAX: They've created a culture. A culture that thrives on the drive.

JOE CULLEN: They don't quit. They have one gear, and it's full speed. And they have a lot of talent, as well. But I think, ultimately, their desire to win and their desire to score and compete is the number one thing.

MIKE MAX: In fact, they've been so good, the next logical question is, will they move from 1A to 2A classification? Well, that's already in the works.

JOE JENSEN: Yeah, we actually opted up this past fall with the league. So I don't when they tell people when they decide on that. But our goal is to 2A for both of our teams, yep.

MIKE MAX: But tomorrow, they're both playing the 1A title. Pretty good if you're a Gentry Academy fan.