High School Wrestling: King squads sweep team titles; top seeds hold firm at district meet

King’s Adijah Khamaladeen won her third straight district wrestling title on Thursday afternoon at Carroll High School, and she has the goal to return to the state tournament. But she is also wrestling this season to earn a chance at receiving a scholarship to wrestle in college.

She took another step to seeing if wrestling coaches will notice after rolling through the girls 145-pound weight class and improved to 24-6 on the season. Khamaladeen enters next week’s regional tournament with some momentum.

“This year since I am a senior, I will be hoping (of receiving) a scholarship to at least one wrestling school just so I can go to college,” Khamaladeen said.

Khamaladeen won the 145 final with a pinfall at 1:02 against Moody’s Amaris Villarreal.

Khamaladeen was among a handful of top-seeded wrestlers to live up to those seeds on Thursday afternoon, the final day of the two-day meet.

“Today I was just more focused on having fun,” Khamaladeen said. “I know I had the match, I wrestled this girl many times but it was still a nervous feeling. But what I really cared about was having fun.”

Veterans Memorial sophomore Abigail Mendoza began her quest to return to state with a victory in the 100-pound weight class. Mendoza said she has been battling a knee injury the last few weeks but said it is getting better as the regional and state meets approach.

“I’m not where I want to be but throughout the off-season I was definitely getting better,” Mendoza said. “It’s really just not getting too overconfident, staying in the zone and just working on my stuff and staying motivated.”

Miller's Abraham Aguirre defeats Victoria West's Landon Sheffel during the District 15-5A wrestling tournament on Thursday, Feb. 2, 2023, at Carroll High School in Corpus Christi, Texas.
Miller's Abraham Aguirre defeats Victoria West's Landon Sheffel during the District 15-5A wrestling tournament on Thursday, Feb. 2, 2023, at Carroll High School in Corpus Christi, Texas.

On the boys side, Miller’s Abraham Aguirre took the district title in boys 175 and said after qualifying for state in 2022 he said he feels like he’s a much better wrestler.

“I’ve just been working so hard,” Aguirre said. “Last year I worked hard but this year is a different level. I’m hoping to place first at regionals, hoping to try to at least place at state. I didn’t do that last year.”

The District 15-5A wrestling tournament on Thursday, Feb. 2, 2023, at Carroll High School in Corpus Christi, Texas.
The District 15-5A wrestling tournament on Thursday, Feb. 2, 2023, at Carroll High School in Corpus Christi, Texas.

King sweeps team titles

The King boys and girls wrestling teams swept the team points titles this week.

The Mustang girls squad scored 197 points, which was 69 points better than second-place Carroll. On the boys side, King scored 250.5 points and was 82 points ahead of Corpus Christi ISD rival Carroll.


Top 4 qualify for regional meet


106 — 1. Isaiah Deleon, King; 2. Esteban Morales, Veterans Memorial; 3. Carlos Guzman, Moody; 4. Maximilian Benavides, Edinburg Vela

113 — 1. Luis Morales-Vela, Veterans Memorial; 2. Benjamin Rojas, King; 3. Adrian Cumpian, Harlingen South; 4. Michael Cain, Edinburg Vela

120 — 1. Aidan Rodriguez, Veterans Memorial; 2. Aaron Pena, Edinburg Vela; 3. Eric Flores, King; 4. Alfredo Campos, Edcouch-Elsa

126 — 1. Kevin Lira, Donna North; 2. Nicolas Flores, Carroll; 3. Tyler Hall, Ray; 4. Jaylin Casanova, Edinburg Vela

132 — 1. Damien Deleon, King; 2. Amaziah Aguirre, Miller; 3. Nikolas Camacho, Beeville; 4.

Romeo Hernandez, Edcouch-Elsa

138 — 1. Billy Flores, Carroll; 2. Diego Carmona, Edinburg Vela; 3. Ivan Yanez, Victoria West; 4. Andrew Hernandez, Ray

144 — 1. Dallas Flores, Carroll; 2. Keeton Rummel, King; 3. Angel Garza, Edcouch-Elsa; 4. Josiah Zaragoza, Moody

150 — 1. Ethan Stubblefield, King; 2. Nate Luce, Ray; 3. Jeremy De La Paz, Carroll; 4. Jonatan Munoz, Weslaco East

157 — 1. Cole Ramirez, Ray; 2. Gavin Hernandez, King; 3. Darion Perez, Beeville; 4.

Jonah Stafford, Miller

165 — 1. Wyatt Mican, Victoria West; 2. Caleb Cruz, Ray; 3. Dominic Dennis, Miller; 4. Diego Banda,  Weslaco East

175 — 1. Abraham Aguirre, Miller; 2. Landon Sheffel, Victoria West; 3. Eliazar Martinez, Donna North; 4. Aiden Rodriguez, Edcouch-Elsa

190 — 1. Kamauri Montgomery, Victoria West; 2. Zach Martinez, Carroll; 3. Kaden Garcia, Veterans Memorial; 4. Julio Hernandez, Donna

215 — 1. Reese Hunt, Ray; 2. Roman Nino, Carroll; 3. Xavier Salazar, Victoria East; 4. Javier Garcia,  Donna North

285 — 1. Edward Weaver, King; 2. Tyson Tatum, Harlingen South; 3. Brayden Dennis, Miller; 4. Noah Guerra, Ray


100 — 1. Abigail Mendoza, Veterans Memorial; 2. Raquel Flores, Carroll; 3. Emma Diaz, King; 4. Destiny Martinez, Donna

107 — 1. Kailyn Bridges, Edinburg Vela; 2. Trinity Duran, King; 3. Tyler Rokosz, Veterans Memorial; 4. Hayden Zuniga, Donna

114 — 1. Danielle Silva, Edinburg Vela; 2. Genevieve Bellino, Carroll; 3. Xandrea Garza, Miller; 4.

Emily Reyna, Weslaco East

120 — 1. Leah Cisneros, Carroll; 2. E`mon Mason, Edinburg Vela; 3. Chloe Duncan, King; 4. Leandra Perez, Harlingen South

126 — 1. Aleaya Guerrero, Carroll (Girls); 2. Rylee Fox, Ray; 3. Esmerelda Torres, Donna North; 4.

Audianna Senclair, Victoria East

132 — 1. Aicha Garza, Donna; 2. Cecilia Gonzalez, King; 3. Brandy Cassidy, Ray; 4. Alora Munguia, Carroll

138 — 1. Alyssa Reyes, Veterans Memorial; 2. Arely Carrillo-Casimiro, Edcouch-Elsa; 3. Jessica Yanez, Victoria West; 4. Fernanda Rodas, Harlingen South

145 — 1. Adijah Khamaladeen, King; 2. Amaris Villarreal, Moody; 3. Sherlyn Iturbe, Donna North; 4. Milly Rocha, Donna

152 — 1. Gabriela Garcia, King; 2. Jena Reyes, Ray; 3. Alekzandrea Uresti, Edcouch-Elsa; 4. Jimena Benavides, Edinburg Vela

165 — 1. Molly Tavenner, Veterans Memorial; 2. Selena Espinosa, Harlingen South; 3. Katelynn Galvan, King; 4. Kimberly Quiroga, Weslaco East

185 — 1. Amaya Lopez, Edcouch-Elsa; 2. Milana Vega, King; 3. Layla Chapa, Moody; 4. Brianna Ayar, Donna North

235 — 1. Genesis Coss, Donna North; 2. Valeria Bravo, Edinburg Vela; 3. Loretta West, Ray; 4. Arianna Hunt, Veterans Memorial

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