"High security" schools: Mariupol city council shares details about terrible conditions of children's education

There are no adequate conditions for children's education in the schools of Mariupol, which is temporarily occupied by the Russians.

In particular, there is no heating in educational institutions, and some of them do not even have windows, so students are forced to freeze, Mariupol City Council reports.

Legitimate city authorities state that the occupiers have not yet started the heating season in the surviving school buildings, "where the educational process is being simulated." As a result, electric heaters are installed in the premises, but this only adds to the problems.

"Mariupol citizens write that there is no heating in the schools. Children are freezing in the classrooms. The installation of electric heaters yields no positive results. In school No. 64, the wiring caught fire because of this, and a fire could have started in the institution", Mariupol City Council says.

At the same time, in school No. 5, children study not only without heating but also without windows. Alternative heat sources continue to be turned on in secondary school No. 65, but as a result, electricity disappears throughout the neighbourhood due to an overload of the network.

"Double-shift schooling does not help either. And it's not even winter yet," the city council notes.

In addition to the physical discomfort caused by the cold, children are also subjected to psychological pressure; the collaborators force them to spend "minutes of singing the national anthem of the Russian Federation" in schools. Moreover, as Mariupol City Council states, school starts every day with the inspection and search of children.

"That's all freedom is. These are "high security" schools in Mariupol. And the occupiers call this "improvement", as the legitimate city authorities emphasise.

Earlier, it was mentioned how the education in Mariupol schools is going. Lessons in some educational institutions are not held in classrooms but in corridors.

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