High Winds Bring Down Tree In Cranberry

Trees in our area were no match for the intense winds in our area Friday; KDKA's Paul Martino reports.

Video Transcript

KYM GABLE: Many trees across our region were no match for all that wind. Paul Martino continues our team coverage with what people in Cranberry Township experienced. Paul?

PAUL MARTINO: Kym, the trees really got to us today. Trees down, our aging trees all over the place causing the most damage today. Winds toppling them all over our area.

Let's show you what happened on Rowan Road. This is in Cranberry Township this morning. Big tree came down there, shut down Rowan Road, power lines down with it. Greg Flynn was standing there outside when that tree went down.

GREG FLYNN: I heard some cracking like, you know, timber breaking, and then we turned around and looked and we saw the top of the tree just break off and fall and hit the power lines-- well, power lines, and the telephone, cable all that sort.

PAUL MARTINO: And as we mentioned earlier, these trees are what caused the thousands to go without power today. Reporting live, Paul Martino, KDKA News.