Highland Popcorn in St. Paul opens with a mission of inclusion

ST. PAUL, Minn. (FOX 9) - A new St. Paul business opened its doors Sunday that not only sells popcorn but also creates opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Highland Popcorn is a new non-profit dedicated to providing employment to individuals of all abilities.

"It's so amazing because a lot of people would think people with disabilities aren’t capable," said one of the store’s job coaches Ryan Wright. "But the people I work with …can learn as much as I can."

Wright helps guide the employees and keep them safe, saying employment builds confidence.

Highland Popcorn President Shamus O’Meara first explored the idea of opening a store several years ago, after seeing how beneficial employment was to his adult son who lives with Autism.

"It's what you want for your kids right? You want a little bit of success in life. Not just for him but for everybody," said O’Meara.

O’Meara said they’ve received hundreds of inquiries and applications in recent months, and currently have no openings. He says the interest proves a huge need.

The Highland Popcorn store is open Tuesday through Sunday.

Highland Popcorn packaged product will also soon be available in most Lunds & Byerlys stores.