Highlights from Super Bowl Opening Night: Donna Kelce brought cookies for her sons

The Super Bowl Opening Night media event is usually all about the players, but one woman was also in the spotlight.

Donna Kelce, the mother of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and Eagles center Jason Kelce, took part in multiple interviews.

In one of those chaats, Donna appeared to have red and green paddles and was answering questions about her sons.

Donna was asked who is the bigger mama’s boy, and Travis was the pick.

And finally, in what may be the sweetest moment of the night, Donna brought each son a container of cookies.

Travis Kelce said his mom’s cookies have white chocolate and dark chocolate and he called them his “fuel for the Super Bowl.

The Kelces II

Jason Kelce was interviewed by the NFL Network’s Michael Irvin and talked about his brother.

“It’s an incredible moment for me and my family but whoever wins this one is going to have the ultimate bragging rights.,” Jason Kelce said.

“We’re always rooting for each other. I always want him to do well, but I would sure like to get this one over his head.”

"Whoever wins this one is going to have the ultimate bragging rights."

Cutest interview of the night

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes answered questions from a kid interviewer and it was cute.

Worst question of the night

This question of Eagles coach Nick Sirianni was cringe-worthy.

Old Spice has a mascot?

Here’s something football fans may not have known before Monday: there apparently is an Old Spice mascot. Here’s the proof from KSHB’s Mick Schaffer.


The night’s festivities drew a huge crowd of people to the event and this gives you an idea of what it’s like on the floor.

KC Wolf in the house

Chiefs mascot KC Wolf showed up in various places around the Opening Night festivities, including a CBS Sports podcast.