This Hilarious Mash Up of a Political Advertisement And Eminem's "Stan" Is Everything

A creative Youtube account gave this ad a bold new twist.

It seems like Kanye West's headline making presidential reveal from last Sunday has the whole political world rocking with hip-hop as the voice of campaigns worldwide. British Labour leadership candidate Liz Kendall and her recent video to supporters was given the mash-up treatment with Eminem's "Stan" by a sly Youtuber named Jack Dean a few weeks ago, and to be honest, it's a lot better than the original (seen below):

Jack clearly noticed the parallels between Kendall's video and the classic video from Eminem and synched the two videos perfectly. This is more proof that when done right, hip-hop can bridge together a dour and boring advertisement, into something every millennial can enjoy. Watch the remixed video above.

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