Hilarious toddler denies stealing a cookie when dad questions her

This TikTok dad caught his daughter eating a cookie and trying to hide the evidence!

Matt (@noi7se) is a parent and TikToker who shares videos of his adorably mischievous 5-year-old daughter, Faris. In a hilarious video, Matt shared a flashback to a moment from when Faris was not yet 5 years old, and was still an equally mischievous toddler. In the video, Matt catches Faris stealing a cookie and then denying the theft!

At the start of the video, Matt walks into the kitchen to find Faris standing on a stool. The toddler has one arm raised to cover her mouth, and the other held out as though to stop her dad from approaching. Though most of her face is covered by her elbow, the toddler can be seen chewing something.

“What are you eating?” Matt asks Faris.

“Nothing,” the toddler responds, without moving her arm away from her face.

“Let me see your mouth,” Matt demands.

Faris stares up at Matt with wide, innocent eyes and continues chewing. She still has her arm up, covering her face. “Hold on a second,” she mumbles as she chews.

“Hold on a second?” Matt asks, sounding outraged. “Faris!”

After chewing for a few more moments, Faris finally removes her arm from her face and opens her mouth. She points at her mouth, then shrugs. “See?” she says. “There’s nothing in my mouth.”

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“So you weren’t eating a cookie?” Matt asks, panning the camera over to show a half-eaten cookie sitting on the kitchen counter.

“No, I’m not,” Faris replies.

“Really?” asks Matt. “What’s that?”

Matt points at the cookie, and Faris follows his gaze. “That’s a cookie,” she replies, matter-of-factly.

“You weren’t eating it? So what was in your mouth?” the exasperated dad asks.

“There was a cookie in there,” Faris responds, her lies finally catching up with her.

Then, changing tactics, Faris tries sweet-talking her way out of the situation. “You were being nice to me,” she tells her dad.

“I was being nice to you?” he asks.

“Yeah, you was,” Faris replies, smiling up at her dad.

“Are you trying to butter me up so I forget you ate a cookie?” her dad asks, seeing straight through her strategy.

“Yeah,” Faris replies as the video ends.

Viewers demanded justice for Faris, claiming the toddler did nothing wrong!

“I believe her,” one viewer joked.

“I’m her lawyer. She’s innocent,” commented another viewer.

“I think we’re all on her side,” another TikToker commented.

Faris may have been caught stealing the cookie, but she certainly has public opinion on her side!

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