Hilarious Video of Cat Who Cleans Owner's House Goes Viral for All the Right Reasons

Netrebina Elena / Getty

We know that cats possess heightened senses, so you can't help but wonder if the cat seen in this adorable video detected a little housekeeping frustration when they started cleaning the house. Maybe kitty wasn't pulling their weight in the chore category? Or had accidentally-on-purpose knocked one too many objects off the coffee table? It would seem like a warranted cause for pet-parent moodiness. And if that's the case—albeit far-fetched—then we're all lining up to meet this perceptive tidy cat!

In the video shared to social media, the tabby cat is seen scrubbing a pot, cleaning a kitchen faucet—even vacuuming the carpet! While it's clear the kitty has "help" from a human friend off-camera, the cute take on chores has resonated with a wide audience since it was originally shared. The video of the cat helping with the household chores has already garnered close to 46,000 views since it posted to Twitter on May 4.

Fans of the feline left comments like, "Very talented kitty" and "Does that cat have any relatives up for homing? I'll take one! Or two..."

Cats excel at cleaning themselves—sometimes spending half their day doing it—but cleaning their households is a novel idea! If only these smart felines could actually transfer that time to household duties. We could cash in on some missed quality time with friends and family. Think of the paw-sibilities!

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After all, American parents will spend nearly a full day each month (about six hours each week) on housework, according to a survey in the New York Post. Yikes! But in one tiny sliver of good news to come out of the past 15 months, the survey also revealed that 39 percent of parents said their children have been more active in laundry duty since the beginning of the pandemic.

Just imagine the possibilities if kids and kitties were to unite on household chores?! No more spilled kibble crumbles on the floor, or kitty litter tracked throughout the house. (It's healthy to have dreams, right?) Until that day finally comes, we'll have to take satisfaction in watching adorable videos of humans and their cats doing silly things, and keep dreaming of the day our cat companions can actually help with the housekeeping.