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Hilary Duff reveals what her ‘How I Met Your Father’ character has in common with Lizzie McGuire

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Hilary Duff reveals to Yahoo Entertainment what her How I Met Your Father character has in common with Lizzie McGuire. The cast and showrunners also talk about what the series has in common with How I Met Your Mother, and what it was like working with Kim Cattrall.

Video Transcript

- I know this might sound crazy, but I've been on 87 Tinder dates this year. My last date was the worst one yet.

- I was on another day before this and I just had sex.

- He told you that?

- Why would he tell you that?

- That's not even the worst part.

KYLIE MAR: I was a huge fan of "How I Met Your Mother" so I would love for you guys to talk about how "How I Met Your Father" is connected to the original series.

ELIZABETH BERGER: We exist in the same world as people see when they watch the pilot. There's a big nod to the original world and we sort of hope to do little easter eggs and things that will really excite fans of the original as the series progresses. But it's also its own new standalone story. It's a new group of friends. It's a new protagonist in Hilary Duff's Sophie, which she portrays so beautifully so hopefully this is a show that if you were a diehard fan of the original, there's stuff for you and you'll love it but if you've never seen it you can drop in and you can sort of enjoy this whole new chapter and this whole new story.

HILARY DUFF: One of the things that I love about it is like in the very first episode, you get the apartment tie-in and you realize-- I think it was really brilliant for the writers to set us up that way so you just realize that these are the new occupants of this very special place. But it's diving into our own worlds and that our characters aren't, this is the girl version of Ted and this is a version of Barney or whatever, that we are very much our own world with new people coming into new experiences and new friendships and just navigating our lives in our 30s. There's like lots of those important nuggets for the die hard fans like you and my husband, who can like quote every line of the show. And he noticed every little thing. But really there's only a few throughout the season. And then there's a big one coming kind of towards the end. I know. Hold on to your seat.

TOM AINSLEY: It's just a story about love really and trying to find somebody that's hopefully going to be your forever person. But there's all these other stories about love, about people forming friendships and loving their friends and hopefully the journey that the show takes us on.

KYLIE MAR: For Chris and Tien, when you walked onto that set at the very end of the very first episode, it was so nostalgic for me to watch it. But what were your feelings when you walked onto that set?

TIEN TRAN: You know as someone who didn't watch the original or "How I Met Your Mother" when it came out and then started watching it throughout the years and with this job, I had chills, full body chills just knowing that we get to build on this amazing spirit of the show and take it in our own direction that feels just as exciting and fresh and fun.

CHRISTOPHER LOWELL: I remember showing up on set and we actually did all of our table reads in that apartment, including the very first one. And I remember showing up and everybody being like, eh? Eh? And I had never seen the original so I was like, cool. Which room's my room? And they're like, you know where you are right now?

FRANCIA RAISA: The first time we saw it was in our original table read and I think it took us a minute to realize it. It wasn't until I saw one particular prop that I was like, [GASPS]. And that's what it was revealed to us. They definitely held that as long as they could from us.

SURAJ SHARMA: Frankly, I was so surprised because we walked in there right? We're all just talking and stuff. And I'm like, you know I walked pretty nervously into this place. For some weird reason, I feel like I've been here and I'm good. Then we turned around and saw the walls, like whoa, OK. OK. We are here. That's crazy.

KYLIE MAR: I actually want to circle back to something that Hilary said. She was talking about navigating this world now that they're in their 30s. But for you, Hilary, we obviously fell in love with you in the early days of "Lizzie McGuire." So how is it different for you this time around approaching this role as a mother of three versus back in the Disney days when you were younger?

HILARY DUFF: Obviously I'm sitting in a very different stage in life than Sophie is. I have a lot more responsibility. But it's fun for me because I became a mom at 24 so my life has just taken many different turns and I've worked for such a long time. And I do have a more stable, grounded kind of-- grounded for me, I guess-- life you know, and Sophie doesn't have any of that yet. She's like OK, I know I haven't got it all figured out but I'm going to keep going. Like she's going on more dates after 88 failed dates in a year. She doesn't give up on love and she has this wonderful zest for thinking something's going to happen for her and just having that kind of whimsical outlook that things will work out. And she's like dorky and kind of clunky and I play that great, I think, sometimes from lots of practice with "Lizzie McGuire."

- This is the story of how I met your father.

KYLIE MAR: I would also like to talk to you guys about the decision of having Kim Cattrall as the older Sophie in the beginning of every episode because for example, we didn't see the late and great Bob Saget in the original. We saw the kids. So why did you guys decide to have Kim Cattrall at the beginning?

- That was something that we decided early on that would be a fun flip on the original, a literal flip on the original to instead of being on the kids and hearing the parent, what if we showed the parent and heard the kids? And then when we sat down with Hilary to talk about what is our dream version of future you? We all landed on Kim Cattrall and thought, there's no chance. That's the wish list and then you get someone else but lo and behold, she was really excited by the idea. She got on a Zoom with us and we kind of talked her through what it would be and she said yes. And when she was on set, the whole cast came in that day even though they had nothing to film just to geek out and she just crushed it. I mean, there's no other word.

- I'll drink to that.

(SINGING) Love is gonna win.

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