Hillary and Chelsea Clinton on the Queen

STORY: Former United States Secretary of State and first lady Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton spoke about their fond memories of the Queen Elizabeth at the New York premiere of their new show “Gutsy” on Thursday (September 8).

"She was a curious, highly intelligent person who really wanted to learn what you knew and how it would fit in the world. And one of the highlights of my career was, you know, being able to spend the night at Buckingham Palace during a state visit, during President Obama's state visit, and talking with her about her gardens and walking through those gardens. It was an incredible experience,” said Hillary.

“I remember my grandmother talking about what a role model the Queen was for her. As a kind of woman, just trying to make it through on the home front to do what she could to support the war effort here and just how much it meant to her to see, you know, a member of the royal family, even though she was, you know, a hard core American and maybe didn't understand the monarchy - that she knew that this woman under enormous pressure, got up and worked so hard for her country in the war effort everyday was so inspiring to my grandmother," added Chelsea.

The queen, whose husband died last year, had been suffering from what Buckingham Palace had called "episodic mobility problems" since the end of last year, forcing her to withdraw from nearly all her public engagements.