Will your new hire fit with your company culture? This company cuts the guesswork

Company culture is not some slogan on a website or a coffee mug.

Using the power of technology, Humantelligence helps companies measure, manage and hire for cultural fit to optimize performance. Some clients have called the enterprise software company “Moneyball for HR,” referring to the 2011 hit baseball movie about increasing the odds of winning through the use of data analytics.

“What companies should be addressing is ‘do we have the right people in the right jobs’ so that they’re engaged as human beings, and that the company is optimizing performance,” said Juan Luis Betancourt, founder and CEO of Humantelligence. That goes for individual and team performance as well as across divisions or functions, he said.

Betancourt brings to his startup 25-plus years in management, marketing and executive sales roles for P&G, Puma and Decathlon as well as recruiting firms Heidrick & Struggles and Korn Ferry International. In all of the roles, he saw the challenges of true “culture fit.”

Humantelligence (humantelligence.com), based in Miami and now a team of 12 people, offers HR enterprise software as a service solutions in three main areas: recruiting/ talent fit, culture management and EQ Everywhere. That last area, its most recent offering, focuses on improving communication and collaboration between employees particularly in remote work.

Satisfied customers include Ashley Furniture, which decreased staffing turnover by 40% using Humantelligance’s talent fit tool. Long Story short, the company discovered it was hiring for the wrong profile, Betancourt said.

US Bank of the West uses the products for leadership development and has been able to increase the number of leaders it can train in a year by tenfold. Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages, which includes a Wise Foods division, uses Humantelligence’s CEO dashboard called Culture Scape, where the CEO gets to see all 5,000 employees in Southwest Beverages and the 3,000 employees of Wise.

“They get to see the true organizational personality of the entire company, bottom up — it’s really powerful,” Betancourt said.

Within those companies and dozens of others — including Honda, Banesco, BASF and Grupo Cinemex — Humantelligence services more than 300,000 users in six languages. Dice.com, the world’s largest tech-job board, offers on its website Humantelligence’s self-assessment tool for recruiting.

“In 2018, we had $200,000 in revenue, when we went to market with the products, and we had four customers. In 2021 we have over 100 customers, and we believe that by 2022 we’ll do over $10 million in revenue,” Betancourt said.

Judges in the Miami Herald Pitch Competition saw the potential, too. Humantelligence took second place in the 2021 competition.

Betancourt launched Humantelligence in 2016 and in the early years the focus was primarily on finding culture fit in recruiting. But when Covid came along, Humantelligence pivoted hard.

After seeing revenue take a dive in early 2020, Humantelligence’s new plan was to focus on developing new products in culture management, knowing that recruiting might not come back for a while. The team focused on making the tools “more about leadership, team collaboration and effectiveness, with all these really cool visualizations that help any leader become a better leader, every team manage themselves better, and every employee understand one another,” Betancourt said. Heads down, “we got two years of work done in nine months.”

The Humantelligence team believed companies needed their tools to manage in the remote world to helping firms, teams within them and individual employees to work together and perform at their best. Indeed, many companies plan to continue 100% remote or hybrid work models long after the pandemic crisis.

Enter EQ Everywhere, the company’s newest product. “We have an effective collaboration plug-in tool that supports better inclusion and communication for team performance. It optimizes collaboration on the spot from any platform,” Betancourt said. As companies use this tool, there are opportunities to upsell them on Humantelligence’s culture management tool and recruiting products, all of which are sold through an annual subscription tiered to the size of the company.

This year is all about scaling, and Betancourt aims to raise $2 million in venture capital to support future growth.

“Humantelligence is in talks with a top 10 enterprise software company about integrating our psychometrics and our culture management software throughout everything they do,” Betancourt said. “This would be transformational.”