Historic Belmar Park In Santa Monica Unveils Sculpture Honoring History Of Black Community

A new park in downtown Santa Monica hosted the unveiling of a historically significant art sculpture Tuesday meant to tell the history of the Black community in the area.

Video Transcript

- In Santa Monica, a grand opening today for a new park that commemorates the city's African-American community. Historic Belmar Park was dedicated today with the unveiling of a red sculpture that's in the form of a shotgun house, that's reminiscent of the early 20th century homes in the Belmar neighborhood, an early African-American settlement in Santa Monica. The land was taken over by the city in the 1950s by means of eminent domain, to make way for the new Santa Monica Civic Center campus. Residents are encouraged to see this bit of history come back.

ROBBIE JONES: For our community, it means so much. It means acknowledgment. It means just inclusion, that we feel connected now.

- Well, the park has nearly four acres that features a walking path and soccer fields.