Historic plantation burned in fire caused by lightning

The historic Azalee Plantation in Doyline, Louisiana, built in 1844 and served as a wedding venue, was destroyed in a fire that was suspected to be caused by a lightning strike on April 7.

Video Transcript


BRANDON CLEMENT: I was at the Azalea Plantation just after a tornado windstorm went to the area, spoke with the fire chief. They said the probable cause was lightning. It hasn't been officially confirmed yet. They still got to do the investigation. So it may take a couple of days to get that out. When I pulled up, the home was smoldering, and the fire department was on scene, multiple trucks and agents were there trying to put the fire out. But it's still smoldering, and the rain just started to let up.

I spoke to a lady that knew the people that live there. She was close enough to watch the fire department put putting the flames out. And it's like a part of the landscape there, beautiful home on a rolling acres. She's just kind of in disbelief that it was gone. Homeowner was OK. She was not around, or the person wasn't around when it caught on fire.

The home is historically significant. It's one of the homes on the historical registry. It was built in 1844. It is an old-- Azalea Plantation is the name of doer. It's a wedding venue now. It's got a lot of history behind it. And unfortunately all of it was lost. Don't know how you rebuild history. So it's going to be a long process for them. The community itself is quite small, so you know, everybody there knows each other. So I'm sure it's going to have a ripple effect in the community.