Historic winter storm hammers Texas

While some Texans are thrilled to see cold and snowy weather, others say the winter storm is a nightmare on the roads and causing problems at home.

Video Transcript

- I love it, man.

BILL WADELL: Blowing snow and frigid wind isn't for everyone.

- For Texas, this is what's up, man. We've been waiting snow bomb.

BILL WADELL: The East Texans say this is the winter storm they've been waiting years for.

- I love this type of weather. I'd rather have this than to have the heat. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it.


BILL WADELL: Others say the snow and ice has created a nightmare on the roads. Dozens of crashes and spinouts keeping police and firefighters busy across Dallas.

CRYSTAL RIDDLE: The Texas drivers kind of not really used to this kind of weather, so we're kind of scared as far as how bad it's going to be in the roads.

BILL WADELL: Conditions are so cold, some people are dealing with frozen and bursting pipes for the first time.

JUAN FERA: One of my pipes on the water-- it just popped. And we've been trying to deal with it right now. A lot of [INAUDIBLE] because we had a find, like, where to close it at and stuff, so we had to close out all the main source of the water.

- So we're, like, shopping around for a little heater. It's very cold.

BILL WADELL: Families are being warned to bundle up and stay inside. With rolling blackouts and equipment failures across Texas, some people could be without electricity and heat for a day, if not longer. In Dallas, Texas for AccuWeather, I'm Bill Wadell.