History has its eyes on us

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It's showtime, America.

The first polls are closing and ~Election Night~ is officially here. We're planning on a long, virtual evening covering all the need-to-know moments. Before things really start heating up, go ahead and bookmark this page for live, trusted election results.

It's Ashley. We've all been waiting for this.

But first, he’s not throwing away his shot: Michael Daniels, a first-time voter in Louisville, Kentucky, dressed up as Alexander Hamilton for his first trip to the polls.

Michael Daniels, a first-time voter in Louisville, Ky., dressed up as Alexander Hamilton when he visted the polls at Ballard High School on Nov. 3.
Michael Daniels, a first-time voter in Louisville, Ky., dressed up as Alexander Hamilton when he visted the polls at Ballard High School on Nov. 3.

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The first results are in

President Trump has won Kentucky, according to AP, a state that has voted Republican since 2000. He has also taken Indiana, according CNN and NBC.

Trump is not the only candidate pulling in wins: Joe Biden has won Vermont, according to reports. Follow along with the USA TODAY team as more results come in.

What results can we expect tonight?

If you haven't noticed, this is not your average election.

Though every vote matters, a handful of states could decide whether President Donald Trump is elected to a second term or if Democratic challenger Joe Biden moves into the White House in January. Here's what to keep an eye on:

Democrats dominated mail-in voting before Election Day, while polling has shown Trump's supporters are more likely to vote Tuesday. Independent voters made up 10% of the early vote. In states where Election Day votes are counted first, you might see Republicans in the lead early in the night before absentee ballots, which are likely to favor Democrats, are counted. In the Rust Belt states, look for a "blue shift," and in the South, look for a "red shift."

If a winner doesn't emerge on election night, that's not evidence of fraud

However long it takes, whatever you may have heard, no matter who you heard it from, a long vote count isn’t evidence of fraud. (Neither is a short one.)

Disinformation will fly – use trusted sources such as us

Distortions and flat-out lies are likely to flow swiftly Tuesday and in the election's aftermath as the misinformation age threatens to disrupt civil discourse and cause Americans to question the results. Do us a favor and don’t trust everything your mothers, brothers, cousins and uncles share on Facebook! The best way to avoid being fooled by misinformation – besides getting your news from USA TODAY – is to take a mental step back during breaking news, experts say.

Don’t believe everything the robocalls say

Isolated incidents of technological glitches and some apparent efforts to suppress voting – in the form of misleading robocalls investigated by the FBI in several states – kept poll watchers and voters vigilant Tuesday on one of the most divisive Election Days in modern history. More disturbing were the robocalls made to voters in some states trying to persuade them to stay home and avoid unsubstantiated safety issues.

Checks on checks: The stock market signals who could win the presidency

If you've been watching the stock market to signal who the next president is, Friday's closing was a telling sign. The S&P 500 index finished lower over the period of July 31 to Oct. 31. When that happens in election years, it isn’t a great sign for an incumbent presidential party to win, according to Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist at research firm CFRA. (We'll see what the voters say, aye?)

Real quick: Here's what else happened in the news Tuesday

What color are you rocking today? Blue or red?

It's accepted by almost all Americans that Republicans are "red" and Democrats are "blue." Ever wonder why that is? We'll, here's a fun fact: USA TODAY may have had something to do with it.

A break from the news

Need a break from election coverage? (The night is young, but same.) Check out these adorable animal videos:

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