“History is watching”: Biden to Republicans who “think they can oppose funding for Ukraine and not be held accountable.”

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“History is watching,” President Joe Biden warned Republican lawmakers who are against continued support for Ukraine as he urged the GOP-led House of Representatives to take up the Senate’s bipartisan $95 billion foreign aid package, which passed overwhelmingly in the upper chamber early that morning. The bill also includes funding for Israel and Taiwan.

“This bipartisan bill sends a clear message to Ukrainians and to our partners and to our allies around the world: America can be trusted, America can be relied upon, and America stands up for freedom. We stand strong for our allies. We never bow down to anyone, and certainly not to Vladimir Putin,” the president said in remarks at the White House Tuesday.

“Supporting this bill is standing up to Putin. Opposing it is playing into Putin’s hands,” Biden continued. “As I’ve said before, the stakes in this fight extend far beyond Ukraine. If we don’t stop Putin’s appetite for power and control in Ukraine, he won’t limit himself just to Ukraine — and the costs for America and our allies and partners are going to rise.”

“For Republicans in Congress who think they can oppose funding for Ukraine and not be held accountable: history is watching. History is watching. History is watching!” Biden emphasized forcefully. “Failure to support Ukraine at this critical moment will never be forgotten.”