Hit-and-run truck driver fatally strikes cyclist in Queens

A woman riding a bicycle was killed Thursday when the hit-and-run driver of a truck slammed into her on a Queens street, police said.

The 43-year-old victim was riding southbound on the Van Wyck Expressway service road near Liberty Ave. in Jamaica around 11:35 a.m., cops said.

As the driver of a white truck was also heading south, the trucker hit her.

Instead of getting out to check on the mortally wounded cyclist, the driver took off, leaving her in the roadway with severe head trauma, police said.

She died at the scene.

The owner of a nearby store believes the vehicle was a gas truck.

“When I came in, it was after the street was closed and the body was on the floor covered,” said Raaj Malkadar. “I’m closing the store early because it’s Thanksgiving, but my employee said (the crash) was bad.”

Police are still searching for the driver of the truck.